What Are 15 Vitreoretinal Fellowship Attraction Points?

We Asked Current and Graduated Fellows:

"What are 15 Vitreoretinal Fellowship Attraction Points?"

  1. Dr. Hariprasad - The program director’s training at Barnes and teaching Fellows the "Barnes way."
  2. Uveitis experience with Dr. Veena Raiji.
  3. High volume of vitreoretinal procedures and cases.  Fellows do about 25 cases a month with Dr. Hariprasad in addition to Dr. Ittiara and Dr. Green (10 cases/ a month). Furthermore, Fellows have their own surgery schedule from cases generated from their own clinic. Overall, the Fellow gets a lot of surgical exposure.
  4. Top Notch equipment (Constellation Vitrectomy System + New Leica Microscope w/ HD Video and Monitors + True Vision 3D System).
  5. Strong emphasis on learning the business aspects of retina and how to efficiently run a retina clinic and OR.
  6. ROP and Pediatric retina experience with Dr. Greenwald and Dr. Michael Blair.
  7. Exposure to different Chicago hospital systems: North (Dr. Blair), Central (Dr. Green) and South (Dr. Hariprasad and Dr. Raiji).
  8. Fellows are sub-investigators on all clinical trials, which is of tremendous value after graduation since the trials may be brought to the Fellows’ respective practices/institutions.
  9. U of C Network of Fellows, which continues to grow and spans the entire country geographically (New York to California). EXCELLENT job placement after graduation (both academic and private institutions) with tremendous faculty support to get your dream job.
  10. Clinical Research - Fellows are exposed to and take part in several studies. Also the program provides several individual research opportunities.  Fellows are encouraged to strive for various research awards.
  11. The opportunity to attend major Retina meetings and Investigator meetings for clinical trials (ASRS, Retina Society, ARVO, etc).
  12. Very reasonable call schedule - Able to enjoy weekends without excessive calls. Much resident support for call coverage.
  13. Camaraderie of the Fellowship program – The program director and other attendings treat Fellows like family. The program also fosters much camaraderie among Fellows, residents, and medical students.
  14. Reputation of University of Chicago as well as excellent support staff, facilities, and happy work environment.
  15. City of Chicago is the “FOVEA of the United States” – Given citywide Rabb Retina Meetings, Internationally recognized retina faculty throughout city, AVTT Retina Fellows’ Meeting, Retina Fellows’ Mid-Year Forum, Chicagoland Retinal Update Meeting, AAO, quarterly dinner events for Chicago Retina Fellows, etc.