Vitreoretinal Fellowship Alumni

Vitreoretinal Fellowship Alumni

Joseph Benevento, MD (2005-2007)

Assistant Professor of Vitreoretinal Surgery
New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
New York, NY

Richard Lin, MD (2006-2008)

Staff Physician - Ophthalmology
Scripps Memorial Hospital
La Jolla, CA

Theodore Lin, MD (2007-2009)

Associate Physician
Inland Valley Retina Medical Associates, Inc.
Corona, CA

Veeral Sheth, MD, FACS (2008-2010)

Physician and Surgeon
Director, Scientific Affairs
University Retina and Macula Associates
Oak Forest, IL
University of Illinois, Chicago

Paulpoj Chiranand, MD (2009-2011)

Clinical Associate
Gailey Eye Clinic in Bloomington Eye Clinic
Bloomington, IL

Ravi Patel, MD (2010-2012)

Physician and Surgeon Director, Vitreoretinal Service Director, Clinical Research
Moore Eye Institute
Philadelphia, PA

Shaun Ittiara, MD (2011-2013)

Associate Physician
Retinal Vitreal Consultants, LTD
Chicago, IL

Jose Garcia-Gonzalez, MD (2012-2014)

Retina Consultants
Des Plaines, IL

Shawn Lewis, MD (2013-2015)

Eye Consultants of Maryland
Baltimore, MD

Ankur Shah, MD (2014-2016)

Associate Retina Specialist
Prarie Eye and LASIK Center
Springfield, IL

Liliya Golas, MD

PGY-VI | Second Year Vitreoretinal Fellow

Medical School: Stanford University SOM

Residency: University of Colorado