Our hospital-based optometry residency aims to provide advanced clinical training in ocular disease diagnosis and management. This residency offers an unique opportunity to train in a collaborative optometry/ophthalmology clinical setting at the University of Chicago.

For more information, view and download the Optometry Residency Program Brochure.

Residency Program Director:
Pathik Amin, OD, FAAO

E-mail: ppamin@bsd.uchicago.edu
Phone: (773) 834-8238

One residency position is offered through the Optometry Residency Matching Service (ORMatch) beginning July 1st of each year. Please register online in the NMS Match System to participate in ORMatch.​​

Application Deadline: February 15, 2021

Due to the current pandemic, interviews for this application cycle will be virtual. Your application on ORMatch needs to be submitted (letters of recommendations can be pending) to be considered for an interview. Interviews will be held between January and February.

Residency Overview

  • All Optometric Faculty are Residency-trained and Fellows of the Academy of Optometry.
  • Residents will have the ability to customize their ophthalmology sub-specialty rotations.
  • Residents will gain experience with emergent/urgent cases. On-call responsibilities are limited to business hours only.
  • Residents will gain increasing independence during the course of their training. During the latter stages of their training, they will aid in the education of optometry externs.
  • Opportunities for research (clinical and basic science) are abundant and resident participation is encouraged and supported. Many of our faculty are actively engaged in research and welcome resident participation.
  • Residents are encouraged to submit posters to the Academy of Optometry and ARVO, and if accepted, reimbursement is provided for meeting expenses.
  • Access to the University of Chicago John Crerar Medical Sciences Library, which houses over 1.4 million volumes and offers electronic (and remote) access to thousands of journals, including all of the major ophthalmic publications.

Take a Virtual Tour

Considering the safety precautions and travel restrictions in effect, we decided to create a quick virtual tour so that applicants can see our beautiful campus and eye clinic. We hope you enjoy!

Optometry Faculty

P Amin B&W Portrait

Pathik Amin, OD, FAAO

Glaucoma, Ocular Disease, Surgical Co-management

Quan B&W portrait

Steven C. Quan, OD, FAAO

Comprehensive Eyecare and Ocular Disease, Glaucoma, Diabetic Eye Disease, Surgical Co-Management

B&W M Harris Portrait

Marni Harris, OD, FAAO

Pediatric Optometry, Amblyopia, Strabismus, Special Needs

Nelson Portrait B&W

Katherine Nelson, OD, FAAO

Comprehensive Eyecare and Ocular Disease, Diabetic Eye Disease, Glaucoma, Surgical Co-Management