Returning to his Midwest roots, Sidney Schechet, MD will join the UChicago family starting July 2017

Sid Schechet_0.jpg

After completing his residency at the University of Maryland, Sidney Schechet, MD, will be joining our team as the second Snyder Family Fellow in the Diseases and Surgery of the Retina, Macula, and Vitreous.  Originally from Detroit, Sid and his wife are excited to be moving to Chicago, where, along with his fellowship, he is looking forward to enjoying some of his favorite spare-time activities: “family, family, pizza, and family!”

Sid knew that he would become a retina specialist the first time he saw the retina through an indirect ophthalmoscope during medical school.  “I fell in love with ophthalmology, and retina in particular.  The eye is amazing!” he enthuses.  “The various diseases to treat, the imaging modalities, and the thrilling vitrectomy surgery all make the subspecialty of retina so intriguing and exciting to pursue.”

Sid was drawn to the University of Chicago after a very memorable fellowship interview experience with the department.  “The interview experience at UChicago stood out as the best and most enjoyable on the trail,” he recalls.  “It was obvious how enthusiastic the faculty are to teach and train stellar retina surgeons, and I knew that I would be very lucky to train at such a great institution.”  Sid hopes that his fellowship will give him the experience to become an excellent clinician and surgeon.  He adds, “Under Dr. Hariprasad’s guidance, I’m excited to be a part of the top-notch research and clinical trials that are occurring in the department.”

His advice for residents thinking about pursuing fellowship? “Decide to pursue a fellowship because you love that subspecialty and will love it in twenty years.  Don’t apply for fellowship because you think ‘that’s what people do these days.’”

Sid’s long-term goals include having a job where he works in the clinic and in the OR, where he is involved in research and innovation, and where he has the opportunity to teach.  In his good-natured humor, he ends in a quip, “Is the University of Chicago hiring for 2019??”

Dr. Sid Schechet will start in July.  Please be sure to give him a warm UChicago welcome!