Welcome Dimitra Skondra, MD, PhD and Caterina Sarnicola, MD

Please join us in welcoming Drs. Dimitra Skondra and Caterina Sarnicola to the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science.

Dr. Skondra received both her MD and her PhD from the University of Crete Medical School. She then moved to Harvard for a postdoctoral research fellowship. After ophthalmology residency at Cornell, she returned to Harvard for her retina fellowship. From 2013-16 she was an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at Northwestern and an attending at Cook County, where she set up a vibrant vitreoretinal service. Dimitra has boundless energy and is a passionate educator, both of which we will put to good use in our rebuilding of OVS.

Dr. Sarnicola will spend 6 months with us as a “non-degree visiting student.” An Italian native, Caterina is currently in her ophthalmology residency in Ferrara. Caterina comes from an “ophthalmology family.” Her father, Vincenzo Sarnicola, is a well-known corneal surgeon with special expertise in DALK. Her sister, Enrica, is an ophthalmology resident in Siena, Italy and is currently doing an observership with Dr. Ed Holland in Cincinnati. The corneal force runs strong in this family! Caterina will observe in the eye clinic and the operating room, as well as working on various research projects.

Welcome Drs. Skondra and Sarnicola!