Where to find UChicago Ophthalmology Professors during AAO

Are you interested in speaking to UChicago ophthalmology professors at AAO 2016? Here's where to find them.


Friday, 6:45AM-8:00 AM

Hassan Shah, MD

Video: Triangular Suture Medial and Lateral Canthal Plication for Floppy Eyelid Repair

Location: Palmer House Hilton, 17 East Monroe Street Chicago Illinois 

Fourth Floor Exhibit Hall

Dr. Shah will be presenting his video at the ASOPRS Fall Scientific symposium.

Saturday, 10:44AM-1:05PM

Kathryn Colby, MD, PhD

Session: COR04

Location: E354

Section III: Tools for Diagnosis and Treatment of Ocular Surface Tumors

Dr. Colby will be talking about challenging ocular surface turmors.

Sunday, 12:30PM-2:00PM

Asim Farooq, MD

Session: PO051

Location: Hall A

Biofilm on Contact Lenses in Patients with a Boston Type 1 Keratoprosthesis: Prophylactic Vancomycin vs. Linezolid

Dr. Farooq will be a poster presenter.

Sunday, 2:00PM-4:15PM

Kathryn Colby, MD, PhD

Session: 241

Location: S102D

The Boston Keratoprosthesis: Case-Based Presentations Highlighting the Essentials for Beginning and Experienced Surgeons

Dr. Colby will be the senior instructor of the popular course.

Monday, 8:30AM-12:00PM

James Reidy, MD

Session: OP04

Location: S405

Cornea, External Disease Original Papers

Dr. Reidy will be a panelist.

Monday, 12:30PM-2:00PM

Kathryn Colby, MD

Session: PO345

Location: Hall A

Retroprosthetic Membrane Formation with Oversized Titanium Back Plates in Type I Boston Keratoprosthesis

Dr. Colby will be presenting a poster.

Monday, 12:45PM-1:45PM

Chris Albanis, MD

Session: SPE21

Location: S101AB

Welcome to the Real World: Reality 101 for Residents and Fellows

Dr. Albanis will be presenting a special session for residents and fellows.

Monday, 1:00PM-2:30PM

Susan Ksiazek, MD

Session: LAB112A

Location: N228

Phacoemulsification and Advanced Techniques

Dr. Ksiazek will be a wet lab instructor.

Monday, 3:15PM-5:30PM

Kamran Riaz, MD

Session: 510

Location: S102D

Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery: Exploring the Limits

Dr. Riaz will be a course instructor.


Tuesday, 8:00AM-10:00AM

Kamran Riaz, MD

Session: LAB133A

Location: N227B

Microsurgical Suturing Techniques

Dr. Riaz will be a wet lab instructor.

Tuesday, 10:15AM-11:45AM

Kathryn Colby, MD, PhD

Session: SYM112

Location: Grand Ballroom S100AB

Corneal Endothelial Cell Disease: Current Surgical Treatment and the Future of Endothelial Cell Stimulation and Cultured Substitutes

Dr. Colby has been invited to speak about Descemet stripping.