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Our Faculty


Our optometrists are residency-trained and hand-selected to manage patients with a wide range of medical eye conditions and systemic disease. As primary care providers, they increase our access to the community and build lifelong relationships with our patients.


In cases where you have advanced disease, complications, or may need surgery, ophthalmologists are the best solution. These doctors have extensive medical and surgical training. They typically specialize and perfect their skills within a specific area of the eye. For example, one type of ophthalmologist may study the front of the eye (cornea), while another may focus on eye muscle surgery.

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Residents Training

Our Students

Residents & Fellows

At any given time, we have 9 ophthalmology residents and 2 vitreoretinal surgery fellows who provide exceptional care for our patients. These young doctors work with our faculty to develop medical and surgical skills necessary for clinical competence.

Medical Students & Researchers

As part of the University of Chicago, we have various graduate students and medical interns that collaborate with us and learn from our faculty regarding clinical care. This further enriches our experience as educators and clinicians.

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Tech Appreciation

Our Team

Ophthalmic Technicians 

In order to optimize our service, we need medical assistants and technicians who are trained to perform diagnostic testing and various eye measurements. 

Administration & Support Staff

Any comprehensive medical service requires support staff to ensure clinical operations run smoothly. We have experts for prescriptions and pharmacy issues, insurance and billing, scheduling, medical records, and other administrative tasks. Together, we all work as a team to maximize each individual's potential so they are working at the highest level of their training and improving the patient's experience.

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