Resident Awards

Harvey Z. Klein Award

Harvey Z. Klein, M.D., was a Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology & Visual Science at the University of Chicago. While Dr. Klein had a number of publications and scientific works, his real impact was on his students. He loved to teach and had a great fondness for his residents, and they for him. The Harvey Z. Klein Endowment for Excellence in Patient Care was established with gifts made by Dr. Klein's family, friends and students. The interest each year is used to fund a prize for the ophthalmology resident who provides exemplary patient care above and beyond expectations. There is a plaque with the awardee's name and the resident receives a cash prize.

Albert M. Potts Award

Albert M. Potts, M.D., Ph.D., was a Professor of Ophthalmology & Visual Science at the University of Chicago and an internationally respected pioneer in ophthalmic research. Dr. Potts authored more than 175 articles and books that attest to his commitment to research and also to the depth and breadth of his fascination with vision. A career academic, he was committed to resident education. The Albert M. Potts Fund is awarded annually to the outstanding ophthalmology resident with an interest in research and provides additional funds for attending scientific meetings.

Mark J. Greenwald Award

Dr. Mark Greenwald is the former Director of the Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Service at the University of Chicago, serving from 2004 through 2016, Interim Chief of the Section of Ophthalmology and Visual Science in the Department of Surgery from 2008 through 2015, and Ophthalmology Residency Program Director from 2013 through 2017. He had a career-long passion for surgical teaching, and was particularly devoted to training first-year residents in surgical fundamentals and extraocular muscle surgery.

Through the generosity of Seenu and Jaya Hariprasad, the Mark J. Greenwald Award for Excellence in Extraocular Surgery was established at the University of Chicago in 2018 to honor Dr. Mark J. Greenwald, who embodies the 4 guiding principles of the University of Chicago Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science (OVS)- Respect and Compassion, Integrity, Teamwork, and Advancement of Knowledge and Innovation. This honor recognizes the first- or second-year Ophthalmology resident whose performance of strabismus and/or oculoplastic surgery has either demonstrated the greatest level of proficiency, or shown the greatest progress during the preceding academic year. It is hoped that this award will benefit the Department of OVS and its residents by (1) recognizing surgical talent and diligence at an early stage in training, (2) encouraging residents to see the development of skill in extraocular surgery as an important end in itself, rather than just a prelude to intraocular surgery, and (3) leading more residents to consider pursuing careers in subspecialties that emphasize extraocular surgery. A committee comprised of a Pediatric Ophthalmologist, an Oculoplastic Surgeon, and the Chair of OVS will choose the recipient at the end of each academic year. The award will be presented at the Department’s Annual Resident Day. A commemorative plaque will be established in Dr. Greenwald’s honor and be displayed in OVS with the names of recipients.

The OKAP Award

The OKAP Award was established in 2013 by alumnus, Daniel F. Kiernan, M.D., a graduate of the 2009 class of the Ophthalmology Residency Program at the University of Chicago. The annual Ophthalmic Knowledge Assessment Program (OKAP) Award will present two prizes, in the amount of $500.00 each, towards the purchase of educational materials.  This award will go to the resident(s) whom after having taken the OKAP Exam, achieved the highest numbers in two categories, “Highest Score” and "Most Improved’.


2022 - June Si, MD

2021 - Andrea Blitzer, MD

2020 - Megan Silas, MD

2019 - Andrea Blitzer, MD 

2018 - Tina Chen, MD 

2022 - Saira Khanna, MD

2021 - Andrea Blitzer, MD

2020 - Not Awarded 

2019 - Christos Theophanous, MD, MBA 

2018 - Asadolah Movahedan, MD

2022 - Lindsay Chun, MD

2021 - Saira Khanna, MD

2020 - Lincoln Shaw, MD

2019 - Blake Williams, MD

2018 - Stefanie Sherman, MD

2022 - Shivam Amin, MD (Highest Score) and Lindsay Chun, MD (Most Improved)

2021 - Saira Khanna, MD (Highest Score) and Andrea Blitzer, MD (Most Improved)

2020 - Divided evenly among residents due to COVID-19

2019 - Stefanie Sherman, MD (Highest Score) and Megan Silas, MD (Most Improved)

2018 - Nandita Anand, MD (Highest Score and Most Improved)